Treasure Hunts

sponsored by Cashville Gold & Silver Buyers

treasure-chest (106K)

Cashville Gold and Silver Buyers has sponsored two city-wide treasure hunts so far in Tennessee, with the third one beginning March 27, 2009. The prize is always hidden in a public place, and the person who finds the coin can decide whether he or she wants to keep the gold coin, or trade it in for $500. Join the fun in the next treasure hunt!

Remember, you can go on your own treasure hunt at home when you clean out your drawers and cabinets and bring your old gold, silver, jewelry, and coins to Cashville and receive money on the spot!

Click on the links below to read about each Treasure Hunt.

Read a newspaper article about the first treasure hunt.

Pictured below is the actual gold coin prize (worth $500 US)
for the Treasure Hunt which began on March 27, 2009.

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