Second Treasure Hunt

treasure-hunters-02 (82K)

Local television stations captured the last moments of the treasure hunt from the Shelby Street Bridge.

dawn-o-kieff-and-tricia-price (84K)

Treasure hunt seekers Dawn O'Kieff and Tricia Price take a moment from searching for the prize to pose.

jerry-levine_miahsa-kariman (80K)

The treasure was finally discovered at River Front Park. Jerry Levine, one of the owners of Cashville Gold & Silver Buyers, is pictured here with Treasure Hunt winner Miahsa Kariman.

Congratulations to Miahsa Kariman!

Thank you to all who participated in the Treasure Hunt sponsored by Cashville Gold & Silver Buyers.

And remember, you can go on your own treasure hunt at home when you clean out your drawers and cabinets and bring your old gold, silver, jewelry, and coins to Cashville and receive money on the spot!