Have Your Own Gold Party!

How to setup

It works best if you have an area in which your guests can visit with one another, enjoy libations and Hors d'oeuvres and an area for Jerry and Josh to set-up their equipment to buy items. It is important that the guests have privacy to sell their items as discretion is a key to make them feel comfortable so ideally Jerry and Josh should have a room in which they can set up or have a large enough room that two guests can be selling jewelry at once.

Please have a 6 foot table, 4 chairs, good lighting and a nearby electrical outlet in a private room where the items will be purchased so that your guests can sell their pieces with discretion.

What items should you suggest to your clients to bring to sell?

  • Gold (broken, twisted or discarded jewelry, coins, bullion)
  • Silver (broken, twisted or discarded jewelry, flatware adds up faster in value - such as candlesticks, flatware, serving pieces, coins)
  • Coins - old, collector, high silver content, and gold
  • Platinum or other precious metals
  • Rolex watches, Tiffany pieces, large diamonds, etc.

How does it all work?

You create a guest list. To book a party, we require a minimum of 15 guests with items to sell attend and a maximum of 30 guests. We will provide an e-vite template for emailed invitations and a flier template for you to mail.

Choose the evening of the week carefully when you think that the most women on your guest list might be able to attend. A two-hour party is ideal. We are happy, of course, to stay until the last person has sold their items if lasts longer.

Women enjoy this as a night to re-connect with friends.

It's important for your guests to feel comfortable that they are selling their items to the premiere gold buying experts in Middle Tennessee. Jerry and Josh, a father/son team founded the company. Jerry has been in the gold business since the mid-1970s and Josh has been in the business for half of his life.

Your guests receive a check on the spot that they can cash at SunTrust or a bank of their choice.

Setup your gold party today!