Current Treasure Hunt

The coin has been found for the 2009 Treasure Hunt!

The winners are: Johnnie and Parrel Harper with their dogs Mr. Christmas and Hershy, from Mt. Juliet TN.

Treasure Hunt Clue #1

In the backyard where children are inspired,

Bring some water because these guys breathe fire!

This time of year you will see lot of kites

Find the gold you just might!

Fun for the whole family so enjoy the spring fling

And don't forget to bring Cashville all your bling bling!

Treasure Hunt Clue #2

For five hundred dollars you could have a great feast...

But first you have to sneak the gold from our scaley beast...

Be sure to look all around...

And not have too much fun on the playground...

Right about now you need some help from above...

Because Cashville is winning 40 to love...


** First and foremost, remember that you most likely have your own treasure chest at home...find your old jewelry, gold, silver, flatware, etc. and bring it to Cashville at 2528 Franklin Road to trade it in for CASH today!

gold-coins-stacked-300 (47K)


On to the hunt....

The treasure is hidden somewhere in the greater Nashville area on property the public can access.

The treasure will be placed no higher than four feet off the ground.

It will not be buried, though it could be under leaves, sticks or some other object easily moved.

If you have questions, email us at and we'll post your question and our response on the Cashville website:

If the treasure remains undiscovered, a new clue will be posted each week until it is discovered.

Remember to have fun. Our goal is to keep it simple and safe.

When you find the treasure, please take a picture of yourself and the "gold coin” at the location where you found it and bring your "gold coins" in to Cashville at 2528 Franklin Road to redeem it for your authentic 1/2 oz. gold coin.

Announcement of the winner along with a photograph will be released for publicity to the media and a photo and information will be posted on the Cashville website.